Friday, March 6, 2015

Fabulous Friday : Inspiration (part two)

yay! I'm actually following through with something (for once)!! This is a big day for me!! *throws streamers* Now to just get part three done...
1. My Photos
Call me silly, but my photos really do inspire me. Look at all you've done, look at all you will do. It's like a beacon pointing to the future.

Stupid metaphor. Be thankful I didn't go into poetry writing.

Anyway, I love looking through photos I've taken. It reminds me of so many memories, so many stories, so much muchness. *ahem
2. Creating
But only when it turns out well. *looks up at ceiling*
Seriously, though, I love creating things. Photos, memories, crafts, scrapbook pages, whatever it is, I love creating.
3. Bright Color
Who doesn't love a pop of color in their lives? Heck, not me. I'm a huge bright-color-fan. Bright color just makes me so happy. Brightens my whole day. ;)
4. Fuzzy socks and soft, clean hair*
 Makes me feel so fresh. Like, a brand new start. New Years, all over again. Can't go wrong with fresh starts, right?

5. Music
Need I say more?

part one//part three
*Not shown

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