Thursday, March 5, 2015

9/52 (part two) - February 28th : So go downtown...

Things will be great//When you're downtown//No finer place for sure, downtown//Everything's waiting for you//
So, like, yes. I went downtown. Have I mentioned I love it down there? I didn't think so. Well, no time like the present.
So, now you know.
So, originally, I was going to spent my afternoon with a friend (the one in the picture), taking baby photos for a mutual friend, but that mutual friend (or I might say, our mutual friend...Great book, *cough cough* highly suggest it *cough cough*) was sick, so our plans were cancelled. So instead we went, you guess it, downtown (La Grange is ADORABLE). And we had a lot of fun. I got a super, super amazing petticoat (pictures below) and I'm so in love. Also, I'm was feeling pretty rich because I got my FIRST EVER paycheck (actually it was cash, but WHO CARES??), so that went down the drain. But hey, gotta have fun, right? (yeah *cough* I promise I'll grow out of it. really. I will!)


 I may or may not have been over the MOON about this one!! ♥
I may or may not have been singing "I FEEL PRETTY OH SO PRETTY I FEEL PRETTY AND WITTY AND GAY!!!" when my friend drove by (who knew she had her driver's licences? *cough cough* not me.) Like my socks? Yep. They're pretty great. Also, please forgive the cars in the background. Thank you.
I feel charming. Oh, so charming. It's alarming how charming I FEEL! and I pity any girl who isn't ME tonight!! (Tonight, all BEGAN tonight...oh, wait. that's a different song. Do I get bonus points, 'cause it's from the same musical? okay. just checking.)


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