Tuesday, March 3, 2015

9/52 (part one) - February 26th : Printed Photos (yayI'msoexcited)

GUESS WHAT? I printed photos, and I agree with like every blogger out there who has ever suggested / even commented on printing photos. My advice? Do it. NOW. I just kinda get an emotional high every time I think about them! On the computer they feel so far away, but holding them IN MY HANDS I just felt like, "These are REAL. and these are MINE!!!" So, so dang excited to share with you!! I ordered from Costco, which is 13 cents a print (plus tax, duh), and I ordered like 70. They added this auto coloration on some of them (my bad for not un-checking that little box ooops), but I was thrilled with the results, and so far they're the cheapest print I've found (besides Shutterfly who's photos are pretty bad...Or so I've heard.)

I've been shooting a lot of black & white because of the fact that there is so little light now a days.
Anyway, I've been doing a lot of journaling & I've been pinning (or at least liking) a lot of photo journaling stuff.

I tried to order photos that were kinda generic so I could write about them in the future, instead of having to go back and say, "here's what we did such and so day blahblahblah..." If you know what I mean... :P
Also, I'm currently reading Oliver Twist. I don't love it as much as I loved David Copperfield, but it's much more exciting. I super, super love it!!!
What have you done lately, after a lot of not [doing it], and loved the results?

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