Thursday, March 12, 2015

10/52 (part two) - March 6th : It's snowing again...(surprise!)

This may be my favorite snow shoot this year (not that those have been overly-abundant. I tend to stay inside, away from any windows where a draft might get in.) This boy is so in love with outside, and it makes me so happy. Also, so is my baby sister. Which does not make me so happy. She really, really, really wanted to be outside & she can not dress her self. So I wrapped her in my snow coat and just sat with her on a lawn chair. It did do miracles for her happiness level, though. We think she's going through the Terrible Twos, poor thing. (daaaang, she's only 20 months old! omgosh did I just write that??) *coughcough As I was saying...Favorite Shoot, so far... (:
Also, for some absolutely wonderful winter photos, hop on over HERE. HOW AMAZING ARE THOSE?? O.O I love, love, love her mountains. (I love mountains in general, actually.)

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